Australian Writing Workshops in Jan, Feb and Mar 2020

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In last week’s blog post, Writing Resolutions for 2020, we touched on honing our craft as writers with ongoing training through writing workshops. This post, Australian Writing Workshops in Jan, Feb and Mar 2020, continues from there. We travel around Australia and pick out one writing workshop from each of the writers’ centres in the six states.

I’ve chosen these workshops randomly. So to be fair to the myriad of other workshops and presenters, as well as a link to the workshop selected for inclusion here, I’ve included a general link to all the other workshops currently available in that state.

Writers Victoria

‘Unreliable Narrators and Other Innovative Points of View’

24 January 2020 10 am – 4 pm. Cost $135–$215

This workshop centres on point of view. It sounds intriguing. Point of view ‘can establish your narrative, tie it to one character, and help develop the emotional resonance of your characters. It can also be a fantastic tool for laying the foundation for twists, red herrings and big reveals.’

The workshop is run by Robert Gott, the author of 97 fiction and nonfiction books. Of his seven crime novels, two of have been shortlisted for the Ned Kelly Award.

Details here:

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Writers SA

‘Preparing for the Publicity Trail’

1 February 2020 1.30 – 4.30 pm. Cost $115

Designed for authors ready to hit the publicity trail with their book, this workshop will teach you how to promote your book, how to give a great book launch speech to drive sales, how to overcome nerves (including learning what not to say), even how to pose for promotional photos!

The presenter, Victoria Purman, is a multi-published, award-nominated, Amazon Kindle bestselling author. She has been involved in the Adelaide media for nearly thirty years in various capacities.

Details here:

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Writers WA

Perth Writers Salon

26 January 9.30 am – 12.30 pm. Cost $30–$150

‘Participants will learn how to generate ideas, create conflicts, take heroes on journeys, overcome writer’s block and much more in five constructive, inspiring and fun sessions.’ You can attend just one session, or join them all.

The workshop is facilitated by Campbell Jeffreys, an award-winning WA writer of nine books. He has also written for newspapers and magazines around the world.

Details here:

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Queensland Writers’ Centre

‘The Hero & Heroine’s Journey: Blueprints for Writers’

25 January 2020 10.30 am – 4.30 pm. Cost $100–$190

As the workshop description states, ‘In both fiction and non-fiction, characters are the pillars of a good story. Fiction and memoir writers can look forward to exploring ‘where literature and psychology converge.’ You will improve your writing skills with practical exercises and group discussions, understand the hero and heroine’s journeys, ‘integrating the power of character flaws into authentic characterisation, creating engaging and entertaining characters, understanding how story and character arcs work together to serve the narrative.’

The presenter, Lauren Elise Daniels, has published globally.

Learn more here:

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Australian Writers’ Centre (NSW)

‘Travel Writing’

10 February 2020 (any time during the week). 5 weeks (allow 3 – 4 hours per week). Cost $450

Here’s an online writing course for you. The course is ideal for writers wanting to combine a love of travel with a love of writing – and, according to the course description, ‘get paid for it!’ In the course, you’ll explore how the travel writing industry works, learn how to write travel stories readers will love, get tips on planning, photography and ‘getting free stuff’ and perhaps start earning an income as a travel writer.

The presenter, Sue White, is a freelance features and travel writer whose stories have featured in a wide range of newspapers and other publications, in Australia and overseas.

Learn more here:

More events at Australian Writers’ Centre (NSW) here: listing/?utm_source=ubermenu&utm_campaign=a-zlisting

Tasmanian Writers’ Centre

‘Writing Action with Dr Rosie Dubb’

15 March 2020 10 am – 1 pm. Cost $60–75

In both fiction and narrative non-fiction, action is an important element of story, ‘moving the plot forward, creating pace and revealing character.’ Action plays an important role even in more static scenes like moments of contemplation or conversation, and it’s important to make these engaging for the reader. You’ll explore, through discussions, readings and writing exercises, how to write compelling scenes by ‘showing’ rather than ‘telling’, and how to build tension and work with pace, character and setting.

The presenter, Rosie Dubb, is the author of two novels, one of which is currently being developed as a feature film. She has also published short stories, essays and life writing in anthologies, magazines, newspapers and literary journals.

Learn more here:

For more events at Tasmanian Writers’ Centre:

I hope you’ve found this post, Australian Writing Workshops in Jan, Feb and Mar 2020, useful. Get in touch if you’d like to see any other workshops featured.

Keep writing!

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