How does Writing Heal Trauma?

You may think that writing about a traumatic event you’ve experienced might make you relive the trauma all over again. So how does writing heal trauma? Research suggests that trauma, in particular the stress that accompanies trauma, damages brain tissue (Payne et al. The good news is that when you write about that emotional …

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Write What You Know

This blog post is based on Writer’s Connect newsletter Issue 54. It expands on the theme of getting personal with your writing, as presented by this week’s top tip in the newsletter. If you’ve ever sought out advice on your writing, chances are you’ve come across the phrase write what you know. But what does …

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Copyright in Writing

Plagiarism and copyright in writing go hand in hand. This is because if you plagiarise another writer’s work, then you are potentially breaching their copyright. Disclaimer. I am not a lawyer. If you are at all unsure whether you’ve potentially breached copyright by using, in your writing, someone else’s words or ideas or the way …

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