Writing Competitions Jan and Feb 2020

My Lonely Writer Newsletter, produced weekly or fortnightly, is now combining with some of my blog posts, as in this one, Writing Competitions Jan and Feb 2020. In today’s blog, we finish up with a word of the day, a fun fact about a famous writer, and a brief tip to keep you inspired. Put []

Australian Writing Workshops in Jan, Feb and Mar 2020

In last week’s blog post, Writing Resolutions for 2020, we touched on honing our craft as writers with ongoing training through writing workshops. This post, Australian Writing Workshops in Jan, Feb and Mar 2020, continues from there. We travel around Australia and pick out one writing workshop from each of the writers’ centres in the []

Writing Resolutions for 2020

Have you made any writing resolutions for 2020? Any goal, including a new year’s resolution, needs committed action, discipline and planning. Below, I give you a couple of my own writing resolutions for 2020. These may help you formulate some of your own and keep you on track with your writing. Commit to Taking Writing []

The Editor Becomes a Published Author

You might accuse me of indulging in shameless self-promotion in this blog, ‘The Editor Becomes a Published Author’, promoting my novel released just last week at the Queensland Writers Centre GenreCon2019 literary festival. But I make no apologies. What?! Well, many authors struggle with self-promotion. Many of us are introverts and we suck at promoting []

It’s Just for One Summer

When you go on holiday, most often it’s just for one summer. Will that be the case for the family in David Baldacci’s novel One Summer? A Book Review From Crime to Tragi-Romance David Baldacci is best known for his thrillers and crime fiction novels. When I was looking for a light read, it therefore []

Writing and Editing Internships

Writing and editing internships inhabit the blurred line between education and employment, allowing students to gain experience in the workplace while still studying. Writing and Editing Internships and Industry Experience I am Brienna Cottam, and this semester as part of my bachelor’s requirements I have undertaken an external industry placement, otherwise known as an internship, []


Nine Ideas For What to Write When You’re Out of Ideas Every week now, I take one day off for business development, to work on my business as the marketing experts say, rather than in the business. Over the past few months, this day has mostly been taken up with writing for my website: blog []

Roman History … that’s Actually not Boring

The Reach of Rome, By Alberto Angela A Book Review If you’ve been following my blogs, you’ll know I’m a history buff. This blog, ‘Roman History … that’s Actually not Boring’, was inspired by Alberto Angela’s book The Reach of Rome. You’re not fascinated by history? That’s okay. Before you relegate this blog to the []

What Can A Book Editor Do For Me?

Throughout the extensive process of writing, some writers may question the need for an editor. They may wonder if they can edit their manuscript themselves and ask, ‘What can a book editor do for me?’ While it’s certainly prudent to redraft a manuscript several times and self-edit before considering the next step, it’s worthwhile pointing []

The Orphan Sky

A Book Review The Orphan Sky, by Ella Leya Leila Badalbeili is a fifteen-year-old classical pianist, a child prodigy and the darling of Soviet society in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, in 1979. Azerbaijan Azerbaijan, a country bounded by the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains, is at this time in the grip of Soviet []

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