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Q: Do I really need to have my book professionally edited?

A: Yes, if you want publishers and your readers to take you seriously as a writer

Book Editors Gold Coast - Gail Tagarro

Ensure a professional result for your manuscripts by working with Book Editors Gold Coast.

Editing…yawn yawn…correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation yadayadayada…all the stuff you find yawningly boring but which we, bless our little cotton socks, just love.

Book editing is more than all that boring stuff. A good book editor picks up common writing mistakes and inconsistencies in your writing that you don’t notice (sorry! it’s true). A good editor – that’s us! – researches as they’re editing.

We’re a pedantic lot – but you’ll thank us for it in the end. You might have written ‘Old King Wencelas’ because that’s the way it sounds in the Christmas carol, right? Uh oh.

We don’t want you to look silly when you send your book off to those eagle-eye publishers, so we’ll check and correct.

We’ll mend your sentence structure and help with your technique. We’ll work with you and make sure you understand what we mean by all this.

What we won’t do is interfere with your author’s voice, because that’s personal.

A common complaint of publishers and professional writing groups is that many authors do not have their manuscripts up to standard before publishing.

We want to make sure your book is outstanding, whether you opt for submitting to mainstream publishers, or for self-publishing. Stand out from the crowd! Engage with Book Editors Gold Coast now.

Gail Tagarro Book Editors Gold Coast IPEd Accredited Editor.

Do yourself a favour – get edited!

Contact Book Editors Gold Coast for a chat about your writing.

Your manuscript may be ready for an edit, or a manuscript appraisal may be more relevant at this stage of your writing – or if you’re having trouble getting started and you long to get that book out of your head and onto your laptop, ask about writer coaching.

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