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Engage with Book Editing Australia - Accredited Editor - for encouragement and feedback on your manuscript.

Having your manuscript edited by a qualified professionally Accredited Editor ensures a professional result.

Do I really need a professional book editor to edit my manuscript?

Even great and previously published authors need to have their work professionally edited.

Editing goes beyond correcting spelling, grammar and punctuation. A professional editor will pick up common writing mistakes and inconsistencies in your writing that you don’t notice. A good editor does basic research as they’re editing. We’ll mend your sentence structure and help with your technique. We use 'track changes' and comments as we're editing the manuscript, so that the changes we make and the reasons why will be transparent to you. In all our communications with you, we will be clear about what we're doing and why.

Two Types of Professional Editing

There are two main types of editing, copy editing and structural editing.

Book Editing Australia – Accredited Editor. Let us edit your next manuscript!


Copy editing checks for technical inaccuracies in your manuscript such as spelling, punctuation, grammar, and typographical errors. A copy edit suits authors who want their manuscript to be error-free and ‘clean’, but who want minimal editorial input into the style and structure of their manuscript.

What does a copy edit include?

Our professional book editor will correct all errors such as those described above. They will also work on improving obvious errors in sentence structure, and amend any glaring errors of fact, such as the spelling of the names of well-known public figures.

What doesn't a copy edit include?

For a copy edit, our professional book editor does not restructure or reorder your manuscript, or address any of the aspects of your writing that a structural edit provides (see Structural Editing). Our professional book editor will edit the revised draft of your manuscript, but this will be addressed as part of a project renewal.


At editors4you, our structural editing, also known as substantive editing, incorporates a copy edit (see above). A structural edit is a thorough and in-depth edit of your manuscript.

What does a structural edit include?

Correcting sentence structure and sentence order to improve the clarity and flow of your writing. Removing repetitive or superfluous wording. Offering comments on the style features of your writing, such as, 'show don't tell'. Checking for continuing reader engagement in the story. Suggesting where and how your manuscript could benefit from further development, if applicable. Addressing any inconsistencies - in plot, characterisation, narrative or dialogue (fiction), or in the soundness of your thesis (non-fiction), which interfere with the flow of your writing or distract the reader from the storytelling or the thesis of your book. We do basic internet research to ensure accuracy of facts or names, or indicate where you may need to do so. After the first edit and once you have completed your revisions, we may undertake a second edit.

What doesn't a structural edit include?

For a structural edit, the editor will not do extensive fact checking on your manuscript, undertake comprehensive research, edit revisions made after the second edit (this can be done as a new project), or obtain copyright permissions. We do not interfere with your author’s voice – because that is what makes your writing unique.

How will I know what type of edit I need?

Easy! Email us your manuscript. We will do a complimentary sample edit, suggest what type of edit is most relevant to your book, and give you an approximate turnaround time based on your needs and our current commitments.

How long will it take to edit my manuscript?

For books and manuscripts up to 100,000 words, our professional book editor will generally complete the manuscript edit in 20 to 30 business days. This is 'ballpark', and depends on current commitments. If you need urgent turnaround, please let us know when you contact us. Manuscripts exceeding 100,000 words may need more editing time. We will tell you before commencing the edit.

How much does a book edit cost?

Our quotations are tailored to your work. We do not do widget or automatic pricing. The amount depends on the total word count, how much work is involved, and whether a copy edit or a structural edit is required. In our extensive experience, we have found it fairer to estimate by doing a sample edit on several pages of your work. This is helpful to you because:

  1. You receive a sample edit on a short sample from your manuscript
  2. You see firsthand our style of editing
  3. We can better assess the service most suited to your manuscript
  4. The estimate is tailored to your individual writing.

A common complaint of publishers and professional writing groups is that many authors do not have their manuscripts up to standard before publishing. We want to make sure your book is up to standard and professionally presented, whether you opt for traditional book publishing, or a e-publishing. Stand out from the crowd! Ask to have a professional book editor work with you.

Check out some CLIENT TESTIMONIALS below.

Book Editing Australia—Gail Tagarro Accredited Editor (AE)—2008, Renewed 2013 & 2018

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Contact Book Editing Australia - Accredited Editor for a chat about your writing. Your manuscript may be ready for an edit, or a manuscript appraisal may be more relevant at this stage of your writing - or if you haven't yet started writing but want to. Ask about writer coaching. While you're here, check out the client testimonials and read some of the informative blogs!

Tell us more about your book and we'll let you know how we can help

Client Testimonials

Ken Reid, Floyd (Crime thriller—Jan 2020)

Having invested fifteen months in producing my manuscript, there was no question that the next step had to be getting my novel as good as it could possibly be...before I could even consider taking the next step of approaching agents or publishers.

Gail of editors4you provided practical structural editing, an amazing amount of fact-checking, sensible suggestions for improvements, a lot of error checking, and the overall expertise to help me produce the best-quality product possible.

Russell Morgan, Celestine (Fiction—Dec 2019)

A huge part of the enjoyment of completing my novel, Celestine, was working with Gail whose marvellous insight and professional skill opened doors and lifted the experience to new heights. It was a wonderful journey in which I had no doubt Gail was as committed to my precious manuscript as I was. I'm sure I have learned so much from working with Gail that it will enrich all my future writing projects. I could not imagine working with any other editor.

Dan Collins, Olympic Medallist, Speaker, Mentor and Coach,
E-F-F-O-R-T: Everything MattersMastering the Mental Frameworks for a Meaningful Life (Nonfiction/Business—Dec 2019)

Writing a book is no small undertaking. To have the editing support to bring the book up to publishing standards was very comforting. Gail's professional approach was also to the very highest of standards, along with her honest feedback and assessment of my work, enabling me with confidence to close out the final stages of my book and move towards publishing.

Gail's attention to detail, adherence to timeframes and deadlines, and being upfront and clear about the investment required to work with her were very reassuring.

Madonna Chave, Quit Work to Travel Australia (Nonfiction/Travel —June 2019)

I highly recommend editors4you. Being a beginner I’ve learnt a lot from Gail by following her guidance. She is an excellent editor providing clear, practical advice and corrections to my book. Her thorough reviews gave the book a professional touch. Gail is very supportive during the process providing quick responses and explaining every step along the way. She even found a photo editor for the images in my book.

Maria Armendariz, My Tenant Depression (Nonfiction/Self-help—May 2019)

Thank you Gail for your professional and friendly manner. I have nothing but praise for you and your work. This is my first experience in writing a book and you have made it such a positive one! I have truly learnt so much from you. You are so knowledgeable, professional, reliable and nurturing.

Thank you, I felt supported by you throughout the whole process. I hope we get to work together again in the future!

Don Horsfall, The Empyrean Quest (Visionary Fiction—Dec 2018)

I have recently completed my first fiction novel, The Empyrean Quest, and after much research, I chose Gail Tagarro to do the editing. Following a very helpful and focused first contact over the phone, I knew Gail was the right person to guide me as a first-time author.

My expectations were far exceeded over the following months as my rough manuscript evolved into a polished book ready for publishing. Her exceptional skills have been honed over a long career devoted to the written word. I found her respectful of my storyline, providing honest, professional advice. Her nurturing style helped me to learn a great deal about the writing process as we, together, created the book I had always envisaged. I am forever grateful for her guidance and look forward to working with her again in the future. You can download Don's excellent and very readable book by clicking here: The Empyrean Quest

Debbie Peden, 100 Ways to a Healthy 100 (Nonfiction/Self-help/Health—2019)

Gail Tagarro is a brilliant editor. She managed to take my somewhat messy manuscript and turn it into something readable and magnificent, akin to creating a silk purse from a sow’s ear. Her patience, insights, attention to detail, and shrewd overview combined beautifully to bring to life and polish my writer’s dream.

Adalina Mae, Nothing is Predictable (Nonfiction/Autobiography—2016)

Gail’s dedication to my project was phenomenal. She was always on time with deadlines. Her editing technique kept the essence of my style and made my story flow beautifully. The attention to detail was amazing. Her suggestions in some areas, particularly with show don’t tell, helped me improve my style of writing. I will definitely be working with her on my next project. Love your work, Gail!—You can find Adalina's book at Adalina Mae shop

Lynne Roberts, Viola People (Fiction/Contemporary Women’s)

My novel flows much better thanks to Gail’s meticulous attention to detail. In addition to editing, Gail also made many useful suggestions, which strengthened my novel. I’m delighted with the results! Gail is everything you could want in an editor—she’s friendly, helpful, efficient and highly professional. I’m so glad that I approached her to edit my novel. Thanks Gail!

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