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What is a Book Writing Coach?

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Let’s say you have a great idea for a book. It may be a novel, or a memoir you want to leave as a legacy for your family, a self-help book, a book to support your business … You really want to write this book, but you’re struggling!

I like to look at it this way: as a book writing coach, I work together with you on your book to pull it together.

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How does Coaching Work?

I first offer you a complimentary 30-minute strategy session. This will help clarify the topic for your book, how we will work together, what time will be involved on your part to write your book, and how having accountability will help you achieve your goal.

Book in a strategy session now:

Writer Coaching Fees

Depending on whether you have already started writing your book, or you want to write a book but haven’t started, there are two programs to choose from.

Write Your Nonfiction Book in 16 Weeks Book Coaching Program

This 16-week program is aimed at busy people who want to write a book but who need accountability to get started and get it written! Currently, it is a one-on-one program, so jump in to get full support and guidance all through the 16 weeks. Details here:

Please phone or email for fees.

You have started writing your book…

This coaching and mentoring program is aimed at writers who have already started writing their book, or even finished writing it – but realise the book is not what they want it to be and need a helping hand.

It includes an initial 60-90-minute Zoom/Skype/phone coaching session, followed by six fortnightly sessions to keep you on track and keep you going.

Please phone or email for fees.

What Next?

Get in touch and tell me what you want to achieve: the subject and genre of the book you’re writing, where you’re at (haven’t started, halfway through, finished but…).

If you would like more detail, read Writer Coaching to Develop Your Writing, and watch the video above.

I look forward to talking with you!

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