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Gail Tagarro Author would like to share with you three short stories she wrote several years ago. They are free downloads, so please enjoy!

Painful Amore

Painful Amore is a short story aimed at both children and adults. It is the result of a creative writing exercise I did with a writers’ group I belonged to at the time. We went around the group and each of us contributed two random words which we had to incorporate in a short story. We wrote the story during the group meeting, read our stories out to one another during the meeting, and then polished the stories later in our own time.

It was an interesting exercise to have to use seemingly unrelated words in a short piece of writing. I found the process very useful, as it unlocked the creative side of my brain and allowed me to ‘just write’ without thinking too much.

It’s a few years ago now, so I only remember three of the words the group bandied around: amore, glint and painful.

Painful Amore was read out by Chas Eales on Radio 91.3 FM in 2003.

Title page for Painful Amore by Gail Tagarro Author

Tom’s Boring Day

This is another short story for children. When our daughter was just seven, she had a friend in her class called Tom. We became friends with his family.

Tom got sick and had to take a few days off school. He complained he was bored, so I wrote this story to entertain him.

Title page for Tom's Boring Day by Gail Tagarro Author

The Shed

The Shed is another story that was the result of a writing exercise with a writers’ group.

We had to write about something from our childhood. It didn’t take long for the image of our old family shed to pop into my mind, and the story grew from there.

Title page for The Shed by Gail Tagarro Author

These stories are the tip of my writing iceberg. Gail Tagarro Author will be sharing more stories for download at very reasonable prices in the coming months.

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