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Ghostwriting: I write it, you own it.

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This blog gives detailed information about ghostwriting services and covers the following:

What is a ghostwriter?

Defines ghostwriters and explains what a ghostwriter does

Why you would use ghostwriting services

Discusses who would use ghostwriting services, and why

What material ghostwriters write

From complete books to blogs

How to find a ghostwriter to write your book

Including organisations and publications you can search to find a ghostwriter

Ghostwriting fees

What you can expect to pay for a ghostwriter to write your book, blog, chapter, or business plan

How long

The time it takes to ghostwrite a book, including a rough estimate for a 200-word non-fiction book

The pitfalls of hiring offshore ghostwriters

With the recent trend towards hiring offshore ghostwriters, it pays to be informed


Things to consider when choosing a ghostwriter

Crediting the ghostwriter

Whether or not you as the credited author choose to credit the ghostwriter’s contribution

Sharing royalties

Whether the ghostwriter is entitled to a share of your royalties once your book is published


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