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Have you been wanting to write a book forever?

But you have no idea where or how to start?

Join The 12-Week DIY Program To Get It Done!

I have the answer!

By committing yourself to Get Your Book to the Finish Line™ DIY, you'll have a first draft of your book sooner than you could have thought possible.

Get your book to the finish line™ DIY

This program is suited to everyone, from business owners wanting to write a book as leverage for their business, nonfiction writers in any genre, and writers of fiction. Get Your Book To The Finish Line™ is exactly the self-led course you need!

Who is this DIY Book writing program for?

  • Coaches, Consultants & Entrepreneurs

    You may be a coach, consultant, business owner or career entrepreneur who wants to position yourself as an expert in your field

  • Self-Help Authors

    You may be an individual writing a self-help book to get your message to a wider audience.

  • Memoirs

    You may be writing your memoirs to leave a legacy for your family.

  • Self-Driven

    You are highly self motivated and keep yourself accountable to get your book to the finish line.

  • Commit Time To Invest

    You understand and are prepared to make the investment and time commitment to write your book.

  • Needing Accountability & Coaching

    This is an entirely self-led program. If you are desiring hand-holding, coaching, a sounding board, review of your work, or to be held accountable, Get Your Book To The Finish Line™ Group Mastery is better suited to you.

  • Time Poor

    You believe you don't have the time to write a book.

  • Not Committed

    You are not prepared to do the work needed to get your book written.

  • Can't Invest

    You are not willing to make an investment to write your book.

Who is this DIY program not for?

No matter how many false starts you’ve had, THIS TIME, you can get your book to the finish line!

  • Starting Writing Your Book From Day 1!

    • Structure your book
    • Know your audience
    • Define your topic
  • Step by Step Progress

    • 12-step program
    • Modules that progressively build on your learning
    • Weekly goals
  • Knowing How To Write & What To Write About

    • Resources
    • Define your topics
  • Unblocking Writer’s Block

    • Resources
    • Motivation
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My Five-Step System to Plan and Structure Your 10-Chapter Book in Just 30 Minutes

Download my FREE framework for your book.


Inclusion Value
12 weeks of module content, templates & writing strategies$3,740
12 weeks of recorded Zoom lessons$1,980
Little Black Book of referral partners$500

Pay in Full or Two Payments of $498.50

At the end of 12 weeks -
a quality product in your hands!

Your book will have QUALITY CONTENT because of the focus of the program on QUALITY. With your very own reputation at stake, the value of having a book that reads impeccably and looks attractive is incalculable.

You will receive access to my 'little black book' of reputable referral partners, invaluable once your book is completed. These include tried and tested book designers, marketing and promotion experts, audiobook production experts ... and more, to convert your book into the perfect package!

I'm ready to get my book to the finish line!

Pay in full


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Payment Plan

2 payments of $498.50

Meet Gail Tagarro

Gail Tagarro is a book writing coach and Accredited Editor. She has a degree in news journalism and a Master of Arts in Linguistics. She has a background in journalism, corporate business analysis and documentation management, editing books of all genres, and coaching.

Gail is an author herself, having written an historical novel, a self-help nonfiction book on writing technique, and countless corporate procedures and IT documentation.

She has been working with other writers since the early 2000s, helping them with book coaching, professional editing, manuscript appraisals and publishing know-how.

Gail Tagarro get your book to the finish line group mastery

Common Questions People Ask

No. The program suits any genre, fiction and nonfiction. Novels, business books, self-help books, memoirs ...

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