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Clarify & Unravel Your Writing Challenges

A 1.5hr coaching session with Gail Tagarro

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Confused about your next step on your writing journey? Feeling stuck? All muddled up? Needing an expert's advice or opinion?

In this 1.5hr supercharged session with book-writing coach & 30-year industry expert Gail Tagarro, you'll unravel any challenges you are facing around writing, creating or compiling your book or manuscript.

"A session with Gail was all I needed!"

What People Are Saying

I absolutely loved my one-on-one coaching session with Gail. I received so much more out of just one call than I could have ever asked for! She is so knowledgeable and has so much wisdom and lived experience to draw from. Within our session Gail understood and was receptive to what I needed, providing me tools and techniques to make writing easier and more accessible. She is to the point with a soft and intuitive approach - offering a space that is very welcoming, supportive and fun. 

Thank you so much Gail 🙏🏼 If I ever want to write a book I know who I’ll be coming to! Look forward to seeing your offerings grow 💕- Jess Verdier, Sanctuary Online

'Gail always goes above and beyond to ensure everything has been covered, so I asked her to look at some writing that I've had on the back burner.
Some are short stories for a book and another is a template that is focused on ancestor research, which incorporates facts as well as stories.
Gail gave me so much information and, although simple, I had overlooked them and it would have ultimately affected the sales and reviews.
I am truly grateful for Gail’s help, her professional approach, and her refreshing integrity'– Donna Arnold, The Story Hunter, [email protected]

A one-off session with Gail is for you if you...

✓ Need clarity on your book topic

✓ Want help writing a synopsis or blurb

✓ Want to discuss starting writing your book

✓ Need help making publisher/agent submissions

✓ Want to know what publishing options are available

✓ Want to know what publishing options are available

✓ Need help with your novel's pacing, head-hopping problems, world-building...

✓ Are stuck on some grammar issues

✓ Need a tutorial on working with ‘track changes’

✓ Have a heap of questions about writing or publishing and you don't know where to turn

"A new writer, I was swamped with prescriptive advice for how to format and structure, a lot of it conflicting and none of it encouraging. Gail waded through my confusion and pinpointed my issue: to stop being an editor and publisher and get back to enjoying writing! Gail also identified the next step I was lacking: timelines. I recommend Gail to any writer seeking direction on a raft of challenges."

– Kit Adran


I have some very specific questions that I need answered. Is the Clarify & Unravel Your Writing Challenges call the best way for me to go?

Yes. This call is ideal when you are clear on where you need answers or help.

I’m not clear on what I need to ask. I’m just very confused about the publishing world in general. Am I best to have a clarity call with you, or is there another service that would help me more?

You mention confusion about the publishing world, so this is a specific topic that you would receive advice on during the clarity call.

My questions relate more to after my book is written, such as graphic design. Are you able to help with this?

Yes. I have solid relationships with many different industry experts in aligned areas, so I am able to help you with referrals to these professionals.

I want help getting started on my book. I just don’t know how to do this on my own. Will the Clarify & Unravel Your Writing Challenges call help me with this?

It sounds as though you need help with structuring your book, and with a book template. I provide a free guide to getting started here. Or, you may find The Writers Starter Kit more useful which gives you all the information you'll ever need to start writing your book, plus as a book template.

I really need accountability to get my book written. I’ve had so many false starts that I know I can’t do it alone. Is this call going to help me with that?

No, the Clarify & Unravel Your Writing Challenges call is not suited to your situation. It sounds as though you need a writing program where you are guided through each stage of writing your book, and where you will receive the accountability you need to get it written. Please take a look at our book coaching programs.

I have so many questions I don’t know where to begin! Perhaps the Clarify & Unravel Your Writing Challenges call isn’t best suited to me?

If your questions can be answered within the 1.5-hour timeframe, then this call will definitely be of help to you. If not, then please book a free 15-minute call so we can determine how best to help you.

if my writing courses are better suited instead, check them out below

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