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a 3-month journey to turn your pain into art through the healing powers of creativity & writing

The wound is the place where the Light enters you — Rumi

Writing to heal... the healing powers of creativity, art & writing

Writing to heal isn't just about venting your emotions. It's not about complaining, blaming or playing the victim. The real magic happens when you use your writing to empower yourself, to process stress and negative life experiences, and to better understand and learn from your emotions. Writing can help you put structure around anxious feelings. It can help you derive meaning and develop a greater awareness of the positive aspects of a past life event. If you allow yourself to grow in the way you view your experiences through the powerful process of writing, you have transformed your pain into art.

“When we use writing to lay bare our truths, we remain protagonists in our lives, rather than victims of circumstances beyond our control”

Deborah Siegel-Acevedo

Writing (and other creative endeavours) can facilitate working through and processing trauma because they help you focus, relax, disengage from painful memories, and feel a sense of control while you are writing. You ‘get in the flow’.

I'm sure you've heard of the 'Flow State’ - the complete immersion you experience, physically and emotionally, when you are engrossed in a task that brings you joy. People often experience flow states when doing something creative, but they can also be experienced through movement and embodiment, like when surfing or practising yoga. The Flow State is the state where the most healing can occur because you are at one with the life force energy that flows through you, detached from the incessant noise of the thinking mind.

You can transform – metamorphose – your experience of pain and suffering through the creative process

Metamorphose your Pain into Art with Gail

Over more than 17 years, I've been approached by so many clients who want to tell their healing stories. People who've healed from cancer and want to help others along the road to healing. Others with incurable cancer who want to leave a legacy for their families. Women in male-dominated professions who bring to light the inequalities and harassment in order to help other women in similar industries. Tributes to passed loved ones through biography and memoir. Fictionalised memoirs to help the writer work through lived experiences or childhood trauma ... and many more.

It was because of all these people who have come to me over the years that I wanted to introduce a writing to heal program that could help so many more people process their stories of trauma, loss, and grief.

Writing to heal truly helps people express, explore, and make sense of their emotions and experiences. In Writing to Heal, we include other therapies and healing modalities to complement and support the writing journey. The program also contains a whole bunch of resources – videos, podcasts, books, healers – to further support the writing to heal process.

Writing To Heal: Metamorphosis is a safe space for you to express and transform your trauma through writing where you will feel heard. The creative process of writing will help you transmute your pain into something beautiful. It will help you feel more in control of the pain you have experienced. This course will support you in whatever genre you feel most called to write in – e.g., novel, poetry, journal. When you use writing to heal, it is specific, authentic, and detailed. In telling your story through your writing, you transform from a victim into an empowered individual with authorship over your life.

Disclaimer: This course is not designed for people with deep, unaddressed trauma. I am a writing coach who over many years has worked with many people writing about their journey to healing; I am not a psychologist or a counsellor. Using writing as healing is about working towards closure of the traumatic experience.

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Your objective may or may not be to publish your writing. The primary goal of the program is to support you in helping to heal your trauma experience through writing. If part of your writing to heal journey includes publishing your writing, that is fine too.

You may already know the genre you wish to express yourself in. If not, we will explore this in our discovery session or in the first session of the program. Here are a few of the mediums that may work for you:

  • Poetry
  • Novel
  • Self-help book
  • Memoir
  • Biography/autobiography
  • Journaling
  • Free writing
  • Opinion pieces
  • Writing for your eyes only.

You cannot find peace by avoiding life — Virginia Woolf

We all experience pain...
Writing to Heal can help us all

The word 'trauma' is pretty heavily loaded. The truth is that we all experience some form of trauma (or pain) over the course of our time here on Earth. There is no hierarchy of trauma. Any experience that has caused you emotional pain is an experience that you get to heal, learn, and grow from, and transform into art through the creative process.

Does Writing Help Heal Trauma?

Yes! Read my blog post - FAQs How Writing Helps to Heal to learn more about this.

Inside Writing to Heal: Metamorphosis

2-hour weekly Zoom call

In an intimate group over 12 weeks. Two introductory sessions and 8 free-flow writing sessions based on participants’ needs.

Plus 2 calls with Susie of Sacred with Susie: Truth, Forgiveness, Self-love & Letting Go; and Emotional Intelligence & Mastery.

Emotional regulation tools

Guided emotional release practices, emotional intelligence videos and practices, and journalling prompts to support working through triggers from Sacred with Susie - an intuitive and empathetic coach who has a wealth of wisdom and practical experience to share.

Referral practitioners

A myriad of ‘tried and tested’ professional practitioners we can refer you to (psychologists as well as NLP coaches, emotional release practitioners and alternative healers) for optional additional support in processing your challenges.


Supportive material

Recommended podcasts, books and other courses intentionally chosen to support you through your writing to heal journey.

12 months masterclass access

Attend Gail's monthly Monday Night Scribbles masterclasses and workshops for free for 12 months

PLUS 15% exclusive VIP discount off professional editing services within 6 months of program completion for books OR 1 x 1.5-hour 1:1 Bonus Session for genres other than books

Optional VIP upgrade

1:1 coaching sessions to review your writing and discuss where you’re at

The Writing to Heal Investment


Weekly payment plan

$371 x 12

Pay in full


Testimonials from my Writers

The real voyage of discovery consists not of seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes
— Marcel Proust Remembrance of Things Past

Writing to Heal: Metamorphosis is for you if...

🦋 You're Ready to Help Heal Yourself through Writing

You have experienced some type of trauma in your life and are excited to embark on the journey of healing your past experiences and metamorphosing from victim into creator through the creative process of writing.

🦋 You Love Writing

You love writing and have found it helpful in processing your emotions and past experiences.

🦋 You Crave Writing Direction & Accountability

You understand that the accountability and writing direction I can offer you from my 20+ years experience in the industry will support you in achieving your goal of turning your past experiences and pain into art and creating a more structured and polished piece of work.

🦋 You Are Ready to Increase your Emotional Intelligence

You know the tools, practices, and wisdom pieces that this course gives you will be deeply transformational and supportive on your writing to heal journey.

🦋 You Desire Small Group Support

You know it will be deeply supportive and helpful to be held by an intimate group going on the same writing to heal journey with you.

🦋 You're Ready to Invest Your Time, Energy & Finances

You're ready to dive into your writing to heal journey and immerse yourself in the healing powers of the creative process.

You are not alone!

These famous writers channelled their pain into creativity:

Rudyard Kipling
Maya Angelou Caged Bird
John Burnside A Lie About My Father
Marcel Proust In Search of Lost Time
Frida Kahlo, who, apart from being a visual artist, journalled and wrote poetry
Victor Frankl  Man’s Search for Meaning

Writing to Heal: Metamorphosis is not for you if...

☓You Have a Lot of Deep Unresolved Trauma
You have experienced deep trauma in your life and have never addressed it.

☓You're Wanting Professional Help Instead
You need professional help from a psychologist or counsellor, not a writing to heal course.

☓You Have Zero Interest in Writing
You prefer to express yourself in other ways and don't believe writing can support you at all.

Common Questions People Ask

No. In this program, you can write any genre that you feel works best to express your emotions and help you heal. It might be fiction or nonfiction. You might want to fictionalise your experiences in a novel. You might like to write poetry. You may wish to journal. You may decide to write your memoir. You may want to write a self-help book that will help others who’ve had similar experiences. Or you might find that free writing, or writing for your eyes only, is what suits you best. You are limited only by your imagination.

Meet Your Writing to Heal Guide
– Gail Tagarro

I'm a book writing coach and Accredited Editor. I have a degree in news journalism and a Master of Arts in Linguistics. I have a background in journalism, corporate business analysis and documentation management, editing books of all genres, and coaching.

Having trained as a journalist gives me an edge as a book coach—I know the right questions to ask and I know what makes good writing.

I’ve also written and published books myself—so not only am I a coach, but also a self-published author.

I've been working with other writers since the early 2000s, helping them with book coaching, professional editing, manuscript appraisals and publishing know-how.

Gail Tagarro get your book to the finish line group mastery
Book Writing Coach
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