Questions to ask Book Editors

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Questions to ask Book Editors

‘Questions to Ask Book Editors’ contains some great information if you are new to writing and/or to the publishing world.

Publishing options for your book

Are you seeking an objective viewpoint about your publishing options? It is – sorry to say but a fact nonetheless – extremely challenging (but not impossible) for a mainstream publisher to take on a first-time author. One of the alternatives is to approach smaller publishers and author services companies. It may be difficult to obtain the right information from certain publishers or author services companies. Many will try to sway you towards their services, which often include substantially priced ‘packages’. (Read also my blogs How Can I Publish My Book and Working With a Genuine Business in Publishing Services.)

I’m Thinking About Self-Publishing

Do you want to find out what’s involved in self-publishing? Would you like to discover that it’s actually quite easy to do yourself?

How to Know When your Book is Finished

As writers, we don’t always know when our book is ready. Do you want an objective opinion on your book, or your writing generally? Perhaps a manuscript appraisal is the right service for you at this time.

Writing Coach

Do you feel you need some expert input to help with your writing? It could be that you’re stuck halfway through your book. Or you have a wonderful idea for the book you want to write, but you don’t know how to get started. Being guided by an expert writing coach/writing mentor is a sure-fire way to move forward with your dream of writing that book – and eventually getting it published.

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I Just Don’t Know What I Need!

Do you need help with your writing, but you don’t know what you don’t know?! It’s okay. You’re not alone in that, and help is just a phone call or an email away.

Phone Consultations with The Writing Coach

Gail Tagarro, the Writing Coach at editors4you, can help with all these things.

Here’s what Yvonne has to say about The Writing Coach’s advisory service.

“My name is Yvonne and I am a first-time author who did not have a clue as to how to put my book out there for publishing until I had a phone consultation with Gail recently.

I had done some research on the net, but it seemed as though from what I read, to publish or to get my manuscript made into a book was going to either cost me a lot of money, or was going to be a huge hassle. So I decided to contact Gail.

I am so glad I did, as she totally put my mind at rest after she explained to me my many options.

Her answers to my questions were informative and very easy for me to understand and her knowledge of the publishing world is extensive. I also received a follow-up email after our call with most everything we had discussed, so I can refer to this later on as I get closer to needing this information.

I found Gail to be patient and friendly which is extremely important to anyone on this journey for the first time. I highly recommend Gail and can hardly wait to obtain a copy of her new eBook* which is in the process of being published now, about writing and self-publishing” – Yvonne J., phone consultation 8 March 2019.

*now published, see below

What will it cost?

A phone consultation is $50 for 30 minutes, or $95 for 1 hour (+gst). We cover a lot of ground in the time. You can have your questions prepared beforehand, as Yvonne did. I always follow up our phone call with an email summarising the information covered, and provide any extra tips or links that may be helpful to you if relevant.

To book an appointment, just call me on 0405 695 534, send an enquiry online, or email [email protected]

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