Recommended Resources

Below are some recommended writers’ resources:

The Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell audiobook

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King

C.S. Lewis and the Art of Writing: What the Essayist, Poet, Novelist, Literary Critic, Apologist, Memoirist, Theologian Teaches Us about the Life and Craft of Writing by Corey Latta

By Gail Tagarro

Winter in Mallorca – a Novel

cover of historical novel by G.E. Tagarro Winter in Mallorca about Chopin and George Sand

Frédéric Chopin and George Sand’s relationship is one of the first celebrity romances that took place, fittingly, during the Romantic era.

Amantine-Lucile-Aurore Dupin, a French writer who uses the pseudonym George Sand and wears male clothing to enjoy the freedoms unavailable to women, is a cigar-smoking, outspoken non-conformist. Chopin is deeply Catholic, proper and conservative.

While Sand is organising to spend the winter in Mallorca with her two children, Chopin receives doctor’s orders to leave Paris for the winter and go to a warmer climate.

The couple has high hopes of being creatively productive on the island. They are irresistibly drawn to the abandoned monastery in the village of Valldemosa, set picturesquely on a mountaintop above Mallorca.

But far from the warm interlude they have been expecting, the winter is the coldest in recorded history. The monastery is draughty and freezing and the locals are hostile towards them.

Chopin is a moody and sickly genius. Sand has to decide if she will accept her changed role from lover to nurse and protector. Sand’s manipulative nine-year-old daughter causes conflict between them. Will the relationship of this seemingly mismatched couple be strong enough to withstand so many tensions in their draughty mountaintop home?

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Ten Ways to Super-Charge Your Writing Skills: with bonus chapter on Self-Publishing

This book contains ten chapters of simply explained writing techniques and tips that will help you super-charge your writing!

The eleventh chapter is a bonus chapter on Self-Publishing, answering all your questions about how to self-publish your book.

Other chapters include how to handle writing techniques like pacing, head-hopping and narrative arc, ways to improve your grammar and vocabulary, and suggestions for getting ‘unstuck’ in your writing.

Only $11.95. Get your copy now and start super-charging your writing!

Review of Ten Ways to Super-Charge Your Writing Skills

I’ve read your book and think it’s the perfect book for beginner writers to read. I like the way the chapters are arranged in a logical sequence, beginning with vocabulary and increasing in difficulty to the complexities of writing, including narrative arc and pacing, and concluding with how to self-publish your book. You mentioned the usefulness of writing groups and I agree. I joined one when I was a beginner writer in 2010. I particularly liked Chapter 6, ‘Deconstructing a Manuscript’. It emphasised the importance of setting, and how characters are revealed by their actions. It also stressed the importance of POV and the use of 1st person. Chapter 7, ‘Power up your Writing’, is especially valuable. I like the way you provide examples of how to make writing more powerful. You cite the thriller writer who did not understand their audience, wanting to showcase his extensive vocabulary without realising this would make it inaccessible to readers. In this chapter you provide concrete examples for your readers. You have written a highly readable book from which beginner writers will gain valuable information

Kerry Lown, July 2020

Free stories

I’d like to share with you three short stories I wrote several years ago. They are free downloads, so please enjoy!

Painful Amore

Painful Amore is a short story aimed at both children and adults. It is the result of a creative writing exercise I did with a writers’ group I belonged to at the time. We went around the group and each of us contributed two random words to incorporate in a short story. We wrote the story during the group meeting, read our stories out to one another during the meeting, and then polished the stories later.

It was an interesting exercise to use seemingly unrelated words in a short piece of writing. I found the process very useful, as it unlocked the creative side of my brain and allowed me to ‘just write’ without thinking too much.

It’s a few years ago now, so I only remember three of the words the group bandied around: amore, glint and painful.

Painful Amore was read out by Chas Eales on Radio 91.3 FM in 2003.

Title page for Painful Amore by Gail Tagarro Author


Tom’s Boring Day

This is another short story for children. When our daughter was just seven, she had a friend in her class called Tom. We became friends with his family.

Tom got sick and had to take a few days off school. He complained he was bored, so I wrote this story to entertain him.

Title page for Tom's Boring Day by Gail Tagarro Author


The Shed

The Shed is another story that was the result of a writing exercise with a writers’ group.

We had to write about something from our childhood. It didn’t take long for the image of our old family shed to pop into my mind, and the story grew from there.

Title page for The Shed by Gail Tagarro Author


These stories are the tip of my writing iceberg. Gail Tagarro Author will be sharing more stories for download at very reasonable prices in the coming months.

Gail Tagarro, MA, Author, Accredited Editor (AE) IPEd

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