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This blog post is based on Writer's Connect newsletter Issue 58. It expands on this week's top tip, which suggested you look to your own thoughts and feelings for inspiration on what to write next. For some of us, pouring that much of ourselves into our writing is an incredibly daunting concept. After all, the goal of writing is usually to have someone else read and enjoy it! The more of our selves that is present in our work, the more vulnerable we are to direct criticism. But however unorthodox, unpopular, or embarrassing you think your message is, you should never be afraid to say what you think. Here's why!

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You're Not The Only One Who Thinks It

As obvious as this seems, it's very easy to overlook—but it's really important that you don't.

There are more toes out there for you to step on than you're ever going to be able to avoid. A manuscript's worth of words contains a boatload of themes, assertions, and ideas. No matter how careful you are, someone, somewhere will find a way to be upset about something you've said.

Rather than fretting about that inevitability, why not focus on the person who's been waiting their whole life for someone to be brave enough to say what you just said?

Even If You Were The Only One ... Who Cares?

Say what you think—not what you think people want to hear!

Even if every last person on the planet disagreed with you, it wouldn't change the fact that it's what you think. So? Why pretend that it isn't? Why censor yourself for someone else's benefit? It's your writing, so it might as well represent you!

Imagine a world without The Catcher in the Rye, The Colour Purple, Brave New World, or To Kill a Mockingbird. The literary world—and indeed the world at large—would be a lot poorer if their authors had shied away from saying things that might upset people.

Don't Hold Back!

If you have something to say, then you might as well go ahead and say it. It's worth noting, however, that how you say something is almost as important as the content itself.

Not sure whether you've crossed the line? Need help sanding down the edges? Visit our book editing page to see how we can help!

Word of the Day

perfunctory (adj.)

When an action is perfunctory, it is done mechanically, without emotion or interest. The only reason it is done at all is so that the performer can be free of the need to do it!

He made a perfunctory attempt at the exam, not caring for the result.
She gave him a perfunctory smile, then left the room.

Quotidian Quote

"Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers."
~ Isaac Asimov

Get Competitive!

A selection of current writing competitions YOU can enter! ZenGarden Contest

Format: Flash fiction
Theme: Prompt (image & haiku)
Word Count: 350
Entry Fee: Free
Prize: $50 Amazon gift card (plus publication)
Closes: 5/06/2022

Click here for more details ZenGarden Contest - Say What You Think

The Other Side II Short Story Contest

Format: Short story
Theme: 'The other side': horror, supernatural, suspense, sci-fi, thriller
Word Count: max. 3,000
Entry Fee: $2
Prize: Publication
Closes: 15/06/2022

Click here for more details

The Other Side II - A Short Story Contest - Say What You Think

Sir Peter Ustinov Television Scriptwriting Award

Format: Television script
Theme: Any
Word Count: Half-hour to an hour
Entry Fee: Nil
Prize: $2,500
Closes: 29/06/2022

Click here for more details

Sir Peter Ustinov Television Scriptwring Award

Drue Heinz Literature Prize

Format: Full manuscript
Theme: Any
Word Count: max. 300 pages
Entry Fee: Free
Prize: $15,000 (plus publication)
Closes: 30/06/2022

Click here for more details

Drue Heinz Literature Prize

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