Testimonials “Her comments were educational, humorous and always honest”

I found Gail’s contact details halfway through writing my manuscript. I called her and told her about the sensitive nature of my writing and challenged her to not only accept the topic but to take my muddled 60,000 words and make something of it. I knew I had a story to tell but I was acutely aware I would need the best professional help to make it coherent. From our phone call I knew she was the person I could trust. She asked for 2000 words to sample edit. When I read my edited sample back I was thrilled. She had turned my mass of words into something engaging – something I wanted to do but just couldn’t achieve in my writing. Her subtle edits preserved my meaning and style but turned each sentence into a sublime meander of storytelling – except that Going the Distance is a true story. I called her 6 months later to do the first edit. She managed my edit wonderfully and not only was her editing beyond my wildest expectations, her comments were educational, humorous and always honest. I became a better writer thanks to her guidance. We ended up doing 2 more full edits and she even reviewed my marketing copy supplied by Amazon. Having her check this reassured me and made me feel confident that I had done all I could to produce the best product possible for my target audience. I would recommend Gail at editors4you.com to anyone wishing to produce writing/copy that will be a pleasure to read now and in the future. Her editing will stand the test of time and is well worth the small investment – Guy Fitter, Going the Distance (non-fiction, self-help)

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