Editors Gold Coast Testimonials “This has been a partnership as Gail has given encouragement and guidance in a very professional manner”

Gail of editors4you.com has guided me over the past year with four completely different projects, showing her exceptional talent as an editor and mentor and adapting to the different genres. Gail’s first project with me was editing my first book, Belongings, then subsequently assisting with a book outline and submission for Hay House Publishing, after I’d attended The Writers Workshop 2014 with Reid Tracy (President Hay House Inc.) and Leon Nacson (Managing Director Hay House Australia).

Belongings is a delicate subject, as the intended reader audience are the bereaved. Apart from editing the book, Gail proofread the final proof of the book after typesetting. She also adapted the book into four instalments for a USA website newsletter that reaches over 40,000 readers a month.

On an entirely different topic, Gail edited and assisted with the submission of a book of short stories about life on an outback farm for a Varuna Press writers’ residence program. She showed her professional attention to detail and asked questions about farm life in order to understand better some of the colloquialisms used.

I am dyslexic and the automatic spell checker often changes the meaning of the words I think are correct. We had a few funny moments, with Gail asking relevant questions to clarify my meaning.

With all the editing projects, Gail explained how to pace the chapters to create and maintain reader interest, she retained my author’s voice, made suggestions to change the order of chapters for easier reading, and always explained why she was making or suggesting certain changes to the manuscript.

I feel this has been a partnership, as Gail has given encouragement and guidance in a very professional manner, allowing me to give unconventional advice to readers in a clear format. Knowing that I had an experienced professional gave me the courage to be avant-garde in my writing. I am pleased to now have the finished book, which has exceeded my expectations.

Gail has an honest and insightful attitude to her editing. She always provides an expected timeframe and provides a competitive price for her high level of expertise and experience.

Thank you so much Gail for your inspiration and talent in honing the manuscript into the book I envisaged.

Anne Jennings, author of Belongings and Jillaroo and Animal Tails

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