Trends in Writing for 2021

Many writers focus on writing their book to the exclusion of everything else: how they plan to publish, what mediums they’ll use to promote and sell their book, and so on. It’s understandable because writing is all-consuming. To a large extent, you have to be focused on simply getting the book written. However, it can be helpful to peer out of your writing space every now and then and observe the larger world. These trends in writing for 2021 will be especially helpful for writers in the planning stages of their books.

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Publishing: The Indie Model

Clayton Noblit gives ten trends in writing for 2021 in his article (see Acknowledgements). These include the rise of the indie model, i.e. self-publishing. This is no surprise - most of my authors tend to self-publish, as have I. However, what is a surprise is that various well-known authors are now also choosing to follow this path.

Children and Young Adult (YA)

Annabel Barker, an Australian literary agent representing Australian writers and illustrators for children and YA, states seven trends in writing for 2021 in her article (see Acknowledgements). Among these are the increase in popularity of graphic novels, a trend that began in the United States around five years ago.

After so many of us worldwide have been confined to home during the COVID-19 pandemic, Barker predicts a rise in children's and YA books on the themes of 'getting outside' and 'getting back to basics'.

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Writers' Centres and Trends in Writing for 2021

The menu of available courses in writers' centres can be indicative of writing trends. An obvious writing trend for 2021 is the move to online courses. This is a superb opportunity for writers. The cost of delivering an online course is much lower than an in-person workshop, and that cost benefit is passed on to registrants.

It's great to see some writers' centres offering courses on increasing technology literacy for writers. The Alexandra Writers' Centre Society in Calgary, Canada, for example, offers a course Website Basics For Writers.

The Australian Writers' Centre offers Build Your Author Platform, and Self-Publish Your Novel on Kindle.

Some Things Never Change ...

Good writing technique is good writing technique, regardless of era. Naturally, readers' tastes change over time, as does what is topical. The type of writing that readers find engaging also depends on the times we live in.

There are trends that never change, though, in crafting a thoroughly engaging story. Just a few of these are nailing world-building and the setting for your book, plotting and plot structure, getting point of view right, writing to your audience, showing rather than telling as much as possible and understanding narrative arc.


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Images acknowledgements: Ivan Samkov Pexels & Meru Bi Pexels

Gail Tagarro is a Book Writing Coach and Accredited Editor. She works with writers in any genre, fiction and nonfiction.
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