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Are you a business owner or a coach – perhaps a business, life or wellness coach? Are you looking to enhance your credibility to support your business?

An excellent way to build credibility in your business is by publishing a book. It creates trust in you and in your business. It positions you as an expert in your field.

I Don’t Know How to Write a Book!

Writing a book from scratch, especially your first book, is a scary thought. Where do you start and how do you structure the book? What content should you include? How do you go about publishing the book? What are all the steps involved in the editorial and publication processes?

You Can, with WriteDesign Publications’ Support

WriteDesign Publications guide and support you from go to whoa. That’s ‘write’. We help you with everything from planning and writing your book to self-publishing it, and all the steps in between. We accompany you on the complete journey, right through to your book being professionally printed and made available in digital format.

What Type of Book Do You Need?

Whether you are a business coach or mentor, or a life coach or health and wellness coach, whether you have a revolutionary new business idea that you want to get out to the world, or you want to produce a how-to or self-help book … whatever your business and whatever type of book you need to write to enhance your customers’ experience, WriteDesign Publications will support you all the way.

We guide you in writing your book (from scratch if you need, or anywhere through the process). Then we provide a comprehensive professional edit. We manage all the bits and pieces involved in self-publishing, all the way through to having your book professionally printed so that it looks gorgeous, also making it available in digital format if you wish.

And the beauty is that (with our guidance), you will become a self-published author, meaning that you – and only you – are the owner of your book. You are both the author and the publisher. See below under FAQs What is Self-Publishing and what are the Benefits Over Traditional Publishing?

WriteDesign Publications: The Experts

Our decades-long experience in the editorial and publishing spaces ideally situate us as in-depth writing coaches and industry-standard developmental, structural and copy editors and proofreaders.

WriteDesign Publication’s partnerships with highly professional graphic designers, printers and other experts in the book space ensure a quality, end-to-end service.


Below, we answer some of the most common queries you are likely to have.

Who are WriteDesign Publications?

WriteDesign Publications is a writing and self-publishing consultancy providing services to self-publishing authors. It is affiliated with editors4you (established 2006), which provides professional editorial services such as book editing and proofreading. Together, and in partnership with experts in design and printing, WriteDesign Publications and editors4you provide an end-to-end service to writers and business owners.

What are your Major Points of Difference with Other Author Services Businesses?

Our high-quality editorial services, our thoroughly professional approach to all aspects of a book project, our partnerships with other industry professionals, our communication skills and our adherence to schedules. We use only Accredited Editors (AE) to edit your book, and bring to bear our 30-year experience in writing, publishing and editorial services to produce a truly professional product – a book you will be immensely proud of.

What is Self-Publishing and what are the Benefits over Traditional Publishing?

It is challenging as a first-time author to get picked up by a traditional publisher. As a result, more and more writers have turned to self-publishing. To self-publish means that you are both the author and the publisher, and that you have published your book at your expense.

While many writers would love the kudos of publishing through a traditional, mainstream publisher, and there’s no doubt it’s cheaper in the short run because the publisher picks up most of the costs of producing the book (therein lies the difficulty of getting traditionally published, as it is a risk for the publisher to take on a first-time author), there are numerous benefits to being a self-published author.

  • While you bear the costs of producing the book, you earn a higher share of the profit
  • You control the price, distribution and marketing of your book
  • Any profits you make from the sale of your book go directly to you, if you sell your book through your own website, blog, social media accounts or events you organise to promote your book. If you wish and are able to get your book into bookstores, or you list it on Amazon, you will earn less per book (Australian bookstores, for example, take a 40% cut of each sale)
  • You own the publishing rights and have control over the book production and distribution. For example, you have the freedom to decide on the book cover and have input into the book layout and design.

Are your Packages Flexible, or do I have to Choose One and Stick with it?

Our packages are flexible and you can tailor them to the services you want, just like toppings on an ice-cream. We recommend you have a chat with us to discuss your needs.

ice cream toppings
As flexible as toppings on ice-cream (Photo · Joseph Gonzalez · Unsplash)

Do you Handle Design and Printing of Books?

The design and printing of your book is included in Packages 1 & 2. Understanding that each one of us is an expert in different fields, we have partnered with professionals in book design and book printing. Our design and print partner is PrintPublish. The entire experience of writing and publishing your book is made as seamless as possible.

PrintPublish logo WriteDesign Publications design and print partner
PrintPublish: WriteDesign Publications’ design and print partner

Can I Bring my own Cover Designer on Board?

That is fine, as long as they supply print-ready cover artwork.

Do you Handle Promotion of Books?

Promotional author collateral is included in Packages 1 & 2 for your use in promoting your book. We also offer a 45 to 60-minute call (phone/Zoom/Skype) to give you ideas on how you can promote your book.

If you would like to work with an external expert, then this would be additional to the package. We can facilitate various promotional services for you including specialists in:

  • book promotion and marketing, including linking to social media (may also include linking to an eBook and print on demand (POD) version if desired)
  • promotional video production
  • audiobook production
  • book transcription service if you choose to dictate your book rather than type it.

Is there a Difference Between Book Coaching and Writer Coaching?

There are naturally some overlaps, but the distinction we make is that book coaching emphasises support and guidance on the content and internal structure of the book, whereas writer coaching is more step-by-step guidance in writing your book.

What Packages do WriteDesign Publications Offer?

WriteDesign Publications offer three different packages targeting different needs.

Package 1: ‘The Whole Enchilada’

This is for you if you’d like the support of an editorial professional throughout the writing of your book. It includes a book template to structure your book in five easy steps in just 30 minutes, a comprehensive professional edit when you have completed the writing, a second edit and proofread after you have reviewed the edited manuscript, and then design and printing of your book. Also includes 10 x 60-80-minute coaching sessions.

Package 2: ‘Edit and Publish’

‘Edit and Publish’ is the package for you if you’ve already written your book and are ready to move to the next steps: a comprehensive professional edit (first, second and proofread), design and printing. Includes 5 x 60-minute consultations.

Package 3: ‘Assess ’n Edit’

You’ve written your book but aren’t confident it’s quite ‘there’ yet? With Assess ’n Edit’ you receive a detailed manuscript assessment that will give you professional input and boost confidence in your writing. Then, after you’ve redrafted your manuscript based on the recommendations, we’ll carry out a comprehensive professional edit. Includes back cover blurb.

What do I get for my Investment?

Naturally, you’ll be wondering how much these wonderful packages are. Generally speaking, the overall investment will vary depending on the length and appearance of your published book. This may include among other considerations the book length and size, the type of paper stock, whether you want colour or black and white in the internal layout, whether you have images or photos and if these are black and white or in colour, whether the book is paperback or hardback … these are some of the factors that will affect the cost of producing the book.

In the table below you’ll see the package inclusions based on a finished book of the following specifications:

  • 200 pages
  • Size 229mm high x 152mm wide
  • Standard cover printed one side only with gloss or matt laminate on 350gsm 1-sided artboard
  • Text pages printed black only on 100gsm offset bond

WriteDesign Publications Packages

writedesign publications self-publishing packages

Please note: Prices are subject to GST. We can tailor the packages to suit. Additional Marketing Package for ‘The Whole Enchilada’ includes 250 book flyers, 250 business cards, and 100 bookmarks. For ‘Edit and Publish’ 250 book flyers are included.

We are happy to accommodate customising wherever possible. Customising may include a different book size, page length, cover requirements, paper stock, printing specifications and printing quantities, illustrations, colour pages, etc.

It’s important your book fits your brand and your personal style. Let’s chat about your vision!

Please email and tell us about your vision:
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