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Welcome to Writers Connect Newsletter 45.

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Writing is a human experience. It’s about connection with everyone and everything around us.

We understand you’re busy. So the newsletter has just four or five main items of content. A brief but satisfying read.

In this issue:

  • Write Here, Right Now: What’s Happening in Writing
  • Word of the Day. An unusual word to keep your writing fresh
  • Inspirational Quote
  • Writing Tip for Fiction Writers

Write Here, Right Now: What’s Happening in Writing

Competitions featured in Writers Connect Newsletter 45 cater to short story writers (comp 3 also accepts poetry) in various genres. Closing dates for these competitions are between 31 July & 16 August 2021.

For competition closing dates, bear in mind these relate to the time zone where the competition originates, so check the relevant site.

Comp 1: Fabula Press Short Story Competition

The organisers say they are 'heavy on literary fiction’ but also welcome 'a Poesque tale of horror, an enchanting work of historical fiction, or even light science fiction'.

About: This short story comp welcomes multiple entries, with the caveat that 'this is not bingo' - more submissions do not necessarily mean more chances of winning! The winners and long-listed entries are published in an anthology

Open to: International 18+

Word count: 6,000

Theme/Genre: Open theme and genre - except for hard science fiction, fantasy, young adult or chick lit

Entry fee: US$10

Closes: 31 July 2021

Prize: 1st = $500, 2nd =$250, 3rd = $150. All other long-listed authors are paid an honorarium of $75 each (all US)

Find out more: https://www.pressfabula.com/submission/

Comp 2: Pressfuls Go Green Prize Horror and Fantasy Short Story Contest

Only brief information is provided on their submissions page, so I suggest contacting them for further details.

About: Must be original, unpublished work. The rules state the author must own the IP or copyright to the work (Australian authors--copyright is automatic, no registration required. US/Canadian authors--refer to organiser's website for details)

Open to: International

Word count: 2,000 - 5,000 words

Theme/Genre: Horror and fantasy (it's unclear if they mean the story must be both horror and fantasy, or either horror or fantasy, so check with the organisers)

Entry fee: Free

Closes: 31 July 2021

Prize: 1st = $100

Submission: https://pressfuls.com/2021-go-green-prize-short-story-contest/

Comp 3: 'Write About Walking and Listening' Competition

This one's a little different - think about what you've listened to while walking, and write a (flash) story or poem about your experience, real or imagined.

About: You may want to write about your lockdown walks or any walk you choose

Open to: International 16+

Word count: 250

Theme/Genre: 'Walking'. Open genre, e.g. flash story or poem, that may be fiction, factual or memoir

Entry fee: €6.00 for one submission, €9.00 for two

Closes: 8 August 2021

Prize: First in each category = invited to become a walk · listen · create online poet- or writer-in-residence for 2021/2 + artwork illustration + 2 copies of Walking. For other prizes see organiser's website

Submission: https://walklistencreate.org/competition/write-about-walking/

Comp 4: Searchlight Awards - Best Children's Bedtime Story

The top ten stories will feature in an electronic pitch book and be sent to literary agents and publishers to help your work get noticed.

About: Stories suitable for reading aloud to a young child

Open to: International 16+

Word count: up to 500

Theme/Genre: Children's short story

Entry fee: £9

Closes: 16 August 2021

Prize: £300 + publication

Guidelines: https://www.searchlightawards.co.uk/competitions/best-childrens-bedtime-story/

Word of the Day

sistren This word meant 'sisters' in Middle English (12th to 15th centuries), just the same as brethren meant 'brothers'. From about 1600, 'brothers' gained popularity over 'brethren', except when referring to fellow members of a religious community, society or profession. It retains this meaning today. Sistren, on the other hand, had fallen into disuse by the middle of the 16th century. It's enjoyed a recent revival, however, its use is not yet well established in standard English. Example in a sentence: As sistren of our ladies' networking group, I'll offer you a special price for my products.

Inspirational Quote

A short story must have a single mood and every sentence must build towards it―Edgar Allan PoeAmerican writer, poet, editor & literary critic (1809—1849), best known for his poetry and short stories, especially of mystery and the macabre.

Writing Tip for Fiction Writers

Create three-dimensional characters in your fiction. What does this mean? Three-dimensional characters are complex and unique, with fully developed fictional lives. Like real people in everyday life, such characters create an emotional reaction in us, i.e. they seem like real people.


Photo credit: Toa Heftiba, Unsplash

Word of the day credit: Oxford Lexico, 2021, What is the female equivalent of brethren?’ https://www.lexico.com/explore/what-is-the-female-equivalent-of-brethren

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