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Welcome to the Writers Connect newsletter Issue 42.

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Writing is a human experience. It’s about connection with everyone and everything around us.

We understand you’re busy. So the newsletter usually has just four or five main items of content. A brief but satisfying read.

In this issue:

  • Write Here, Right Now: What’s Happening in Writing
  • Word of the Day. An unusual word to keep your writing fresh
  • Inspirational Quote
  • Writing Tip

Write Here, Right Now: What’s Happening in Writing

Competitions featured in this issue of Writers Connect cater to poets, short story and essay writers. Closing dates are from 19—30 April 2021.

For competition closing dates, bear in mind these relate to the time zone where the competition originates, so check the relevant site.

Comp 1: The Emerging Poet Prize

This competition is for emerging poets with fewer than two full-length collections out at the time of submission.

About: The organisers accept simultaneous submissions but ask that you let them know if your work is picked up elsewhere. They also accept multiple submissions, but each submission includes the reading fee. Only unpublished work is accepted

Open to: International – any poet writing in English. Other languages are accepted, ‘as long as the meat of the poem is in English’

Word count: No word count or page requirement, but up to 3 poems only – to be submitted in 1 document

Theme/Genre: Poetry

Entry fee: $20

Closes: 19 April 2021

Prize: First = $3,000 + publication. Second = $300 + publication. Third = $200 + publication

Find out more: https://www.palettepoetry.com/current-contest/

Comp 2: Agnes Lynch Starrett Poetry Prize

This is a literary award for a first full-length book of poetry in the English language.

About: Manuscripts being considered by other publishers are allowed, but if a manuscript is accepted for publication elsewhere, you must notify the Press in writing

Open to: International. Any poet writing in English who has not had a full-length book of poetry published previously.  A ‘full-length book’ of poetry is defined as a volume of 48 or more pages published in an edition of 500 or more copies

Word count: 48100 typescript pages

Theme/Genre: Poetry

Entry fee: $ US25

Closes: 30 April 2021

Prize: First = $5,000 + publication by University of Pittsburgh Press as part of the Pitt Poetry Series

Submission guidelines: https://upittpress.org/starrett-prize-submission-guidelines/

Comp 3: Author of Tomorrow

This competition is designed to find the adventure writers of the future.

About: This is an annual competition open to young people anywhere in the world who have completed a short piece of adventure writing in English

Open to: International, in English

Word count: 5,000 (depending on age – see Prize below)

Theme/Genre: A short adventure story

Entry fee: Free

Closes: 30 April 2021

Prize: Category 1: 16 to 21 years.£1,000. 1,500—5,000 words. Category 2: 12 to 15 years. £100 + £150 in book tokens for your school/ library/charity. 1,500—5,000 words. Category 3: 11 and under. £100 + £150 in book tokens for your school/library/charity. Up to 500 words. Each shortlisted author also has their work digitally published

Submissions: https://www.wilbur-niso-smithfoundation.org/index.php/awards/author-of-tomorrow-2019/submissions

Comp 4: Tom Howard/John H. Reid Fiction & Essay Contest (repeated from prev issue)

This contest with an open theme accepts stories and essays. Stories are considered works of fiction, and essays are short works of nonfiction.

About: You can submit an unlimited number of entries. Entries may be published or unpublished

Open to: International. No restriction on age of author. All countries eligible except Syria, Iran, North Korea, and Crimea (due to US government restrictions)

Word count: 6,000 maximum

Theme/Genre: Theme is open. Genres accepted are: fictional story, or nonfiction essay

Entry fee: $20 per entry

Closes: 30 April 2021

Prize: First = $3,000 best story & $3,000 best essay. Top two winners receive gift certificates from co-sponsor. 10 Honourable Mentions receive $200 each (any category). Top 12 entries published online

Further details: https://winningwriters.com/our-contests/tom-howard-john-h-reid-fiction-essay-contest

Word of the Day


This is a verb that means ‘to tumble around like the bubbles in a boiling liquid’. It comes to us from Middle English, around 1150 to 1450, and is probably onomatopoeic (imitating the sound associated with the word).

Inspirational Quote

If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anythingMark Twain (American writer, humourist, entrepreneur, publisher and lecturer, 1835—1910).

Writing Tip

Take a break to get a fresh perspective on your writing. This doesn’t mean procrastinate! I’m referring to when a chapter won’t flow for you even after you’ve been working on it relentlessly. Going for a walk out in the fresh air or even changing activities at home can work wonders for a tired mind. Because you’ll still unconsciously be thinking about your book, you may be amazed by the flashes of inspiration that come your way.

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