Writers Connect Newsletter Issue 43

Welcome to the Writers Connect Newsletter Issue 43.

It's been a couple of months since the last newsletter, with interns writing blogs for me in the interim and many other things happening! So let's get into it with some new competitions and other fun things!

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Writing is a human experience. It’s about connection with everyone and everything around us.

We understand you’re busy. So the newsletter has just four or five main items of content. A brief but satisfying read.

In this issue:

  • Write Here, Right Now: What’s Happening in Writing
  • Word of the Day. An unusual word to keep your writing fresh
  • Inspirational Quote
  • Writing Tip

Write Here, Right Now: What’s Happening in Writing

Competitions featured in this issue of Writers Connect cater to self-publishing authors, short story writers, bloggers and journalists, and novelists. Closing dates are 30 June7 July 2021. A great selection of competitions!

For competition closing dates, bear in mind these relate to the time zone where the competition originates, so check the relevant site.

Comp 1: North Street Book Prize for Self-Published Books

As with the second competition in this issue, this competition closes next Wednesday. It's well worth including here because of the large number of self-published authorsand the fact there are few competitions available to authors who've already self-published their book.

About: Submit one or more self-published books in the categories below (see Theme/Genre)

Open to: International

Word count: 200,000 words maximum

Theme/Genre: Seven categories: Mainstream/Literary Fiction, Genre Fiction, Creative Nonfiction & Memoir, Poetry, Children’s Picture Book, Graphic Novel & Memoir, and Art Book.

Entry fee: $65 US

Closes: 30 June 2021

Prize: One grand prize winner = $5,000 + marketing analysis + 1-hour phone consultation + $300 credit at BookBaby + 3 free ads in Winning Writers newsletter ($525 value). Top winner in each category = $1,000 + marketing analysis + 1-hour phone consultation + $300 credit at BookBaby + 1 free ad in Winning Writers newsletter ($175 value). One honorable mention in each category = $250

Find out more: https://winningwriters.com/our-contests/north-street-book-prize

Comp 2: WriteFluenza

Open-theme competition for a short work to get your creativity flowing.

About: All entries must be the work of the person entering and not published anywhere online (including blogs and websites) or accepted for publication elsewhere

Open to: International 16+ in English. Up to five submissions

Word count: 1,0003,000 words

Theme/Genre: Open - fiction

Entry fee: Free

Closes: 30 June 2021

Prize: Winning stories published. All winning writers receive a special author feature in the book and a merit certificate (virtual)

Submission guidelines: https://writefluence.in/2021/06/01/writefluenza-the-open-theme-short-story-contest/

Comp 3: Young Writers Program 2021

This competition is organised by Mindselo, a personal growth platform that seeks to transform ideas into wisdom, creating conscious minds connected to the world through their education system.

About: Writers, bloggers, journalists and other "conscious minds" are invited to express their unique ideas on various topics in the form of a blog/article

Open to: International, in Hindi or English, no age or region restriction

Word count: 2501,000

Theme/Genre: Access list of topics at link below

Entry fee: Free

Closes: 2 July 2021

Prize: Publication + other opportunities

List of Topics & Submissions: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSctFalFcN32sLP3z-qNBFJDvENvTt2KgZsk3rCHmdjLVX0ZMA/viewform

Comp 4: Page One Prize for Novelists

This competition is for an as-yet-unpublished novel.

About: This prize aims to find the best first page of a novel-in-progress written in English

Open to: International, 18+

Word count: No word count. Page 1 only of novel-in-progress


Entry fee: $20 US

Closes: 7 July 2021

Prize: First = $1,000 Second = $500, Third = $250

All details: https://gutsygreatnovelist.com/page-one-prize/

Word of the Day

Shturmovshchina. Now, I know some of you will look for an opportunity to use this long and unpronounceable (for me!) word in your writing. Shturmovshchina, literally meaning storming or assault, derives from Russian. It refers to the practice of writing frantically to meet a deadline. It dates from the days of the Soviet Union, when people worked hectically, at any job, to meet a deadline (credit to Interesting Literature 2014).

Inspirational Quote

How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live―Henry David ThoreauAmerican naturalist, essayist, poet and philosopher (1817—1862).

Writing Tip for Beginner Writers

Be humble. Spend time learning the craft of writing. Start with a structure. As author C.S. Lakar says, 'Get every good book there is on writing craft, attend workshops and retreats ... take advice. Be teachable.'


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