Writers Connect Newsletter Issue 44

Welcome to the Writers Connect Newsletter Issue 44.

Writing is a human experience. It’s about connection with everyone and everything around us.

We understand you’re busy. So the newsletter has just four or five main items of content. A brief but satisfying read.

In this issue:

  • Write Here, Right Now: What’s Happening in Writing
  • Word of the Day. An unusual word to keep your writing fresh
  • Inspirational Quote
  • Writing Tip

Write Here, Right Now: What’s Happening in Writing

Competitions featured in this issue of Writers Connect cater to poets and short story writers. Closing dates for these competitions are between 10 & 31 July 2021.

For competition closing dates, bear in mind these relate to the time zone where the competition originates, so check the relevant site.

Comp 1: Sonnetto Writing Competition

A chance for sonnet writers to achieve publication.

About: A sonnet is a one-stanza, 14-line poem, written in iambic pentameter (see link for further guidelines)

Open to: International, writers 15+, writing in English

Word count: Conforming to the sonnet format

Theme/Genre: Heartbreak

Entry fee: INR 100 (Indian rupees)

Closes: 10 July 2021

Prize: Winning sonnets will be published in a book released after the competition. All winning writers will win a special author feature in the book and a virtual merit certificate from WriteFluence

Find out more: https://writefluence.in/2021/06/21/sonnetto/

Comp 2: The 2021 HG Wells Short Story Competition

A prestigious competition for short story writers.

About: The annual HG Wells Fiction Short Story Competition offers prizes and free publication of all shortlisted entries in their paperback anthology

Open to: International

Word count: 1,0005,000 words

Theme/Genre: Mask

Entry fee: £10 per entry (aged 21+ on 5 July 2021). £5 per entry (students with copy of student ID). Free (under 21 on 5 July 2021)

Closes: 12 July 2021

Prize: £500 Senior & £1,000 Junior prize + free publication of all shortlisted entries in paperback anthology

Submission guidelines: https://hgwellscompetition.com/how-to-enter/?v=6cc98ba2045f

Comp 3: Passed Down Writing Competition

This writing competition invites writers to explore the memories, traditions and ideas passed down from one generation to the next.

About: Memories, traditions, ideas, beliefs, loves, hates, prejudices, wisdom, forgiveness ... Consider answering the question: How were things passed down to you? And was it for the better, or for the worse?

Open to: International

Word count: 1,500 max

Theme: See 'About' above

Entry fee: Free

Closes: 15 July 2021

Prize: 3 x prizes of $150 US each

Guidelines: https://exisleacademy.com/writing-competition-passed-down/

Comp 4: Unexpected Adventures Travel Writing Competition

Sounds intriguing! Write an original, factual, first-person travel story about an unexpected adventure.

About: Editors are seeking originality, voice, and a satisfying story that captures attention and pulls the reader along at every step

Open to: International, age not stated

Word count: 1,500

Theme/Genre: Unexpected, factual, first-person travel adventure

Entry fee: Free

Closes: 31 July 2021

Prize: First = $150 US. Up to 3 runners-up = $50 US each

All details: https://intrepidtimes.com/travel-writing-competition-unexpected-adventures/

Word of the Day

Mogigraphia. This rare word means ‘writer’s cramp’, a condition afflicting writers such as Ernest Hemingway and John Steinbeck who used pencils to write their works (credit to Interesting Literature 2014).

Inspirational Quote

The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharperWilliam Butler (WB) YeatsIrish poet, dramatist, prose writer (1865—1939).

Writing Tip

Write regularly. As Peruvian author Mario Vargas Llosa said, 'If I started to wait for moments of inspiration, I would never finish a book. Inspiration for me comes from a regular effort.’

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